Check below for a current listing of our upcoming events. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Scientific Roundtable: MURSA invites students to share their experiences in research with others. This provides an invaluable learning and networking opportunity.
  • Interview Workshop: McMaster students will spend an evening with researchers from academia, industrial and the government to learn about what qualities potential supervisors are looking for in young researchers.
  • MURSA Annual Symposium: A celebration of the research being done at the undergraduate level by students from all disciplines across the physical and health sciences. Students will present their research and findings to their peers, while a guest panel of researchers from ¬†McMaster University will evaluate their performance and give useful feedback.
  • CV Workshop
  • Networking Night
  • Research Ethics Discussion Seminar
  • And many more…

Dates to the events for the 2015-2016 year will soon be made available.

Year in Review

1st Term Events

  • Research Opportunity Night
  • CV Workshop
  • Interview Workshop
  • Job Shadowing Opportunity

2st Term Events

  • Winter General Assembly
  • MMI Workshop
  • MD/PhD Info Session
  • RHC Conference
  • Course Information Session
  • Research Dialogue