The McMaster Undergraduate Research in Science Association is a student club at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of undergraduate access to research in science. Since 2011 we have helped McMaster undergrads find opportunities to actively conduct scientific research and celebrate excellence in undergraduate research. We aim to reach students in all departments in science, health science, kinesiology, engineering and anyone else interested in scientific research. We are an official student club affliated with the McMaster Students Union and have been ratified for the 2016-2017 academic year.
Official MSU Club

2016-2017 Executives:

Co-President – Lexy Huize Zhong (Health Sciences)
Co-President – Peter Malik (Health Sciences)
VP Administrations (Interim Co-President) – Arjuna Maharaj (Honours Life Sciences)
VP Promotions – Neerjah Skantharajah (PNB Music Cognition)
VP Academic – Muskaan Sachdeva (Health Sciences)
VP Academic – Godwin Chan (BDC)
VP Finance – Michael Franks (Honours Life Sciences)
VP External – Tanmay Sharma (Health Sciences)
2nd Year Rep – Melodie Kim (Health Sciences)
Webmaster – Jenny Nguyen (Health Sciences)
Research & Healthcare Conference (RHC) Chair – Michelle Hoang (Health Sciences)

Academic Subcommittee:

The MURSA Academic Subcommittee serves as our representatives at the faculty and departmental levels. Academic Subcommittee members promote MURSA events and opportunities within their own faculties while developing and leading events that specifically target their home faculty/department. For the 2016-­2017 year, the Academic Subcommittee consists of:
Muskaan Sachdeva (VP Academic – Health Sciences)
Godwin Chan (VP Academic – BDC)
Ashley Chen (Biochemistry Representative)
Nafis Wazed (Integrated Sciences Representative)
Jennifer Collingswood (Earth and Environment Sciences Representative)
Kunj Joshi (PNB Representative)
Manpreet Singh Chahal (Biology and Environmental Science Representative)
Chris Zhang (Biochemistry Representative)
Manan Ahuja (Health Sciences Representative)
Jessica Attalla (Arts & Sciences Representative)
Michael Aw (Health Sciences Representative)
Arnav Gupta (Health Sciences Representative)
Vincent Hou (Health Sciences Representative)
Elsie Loukiantchenko (iSci Representative)
Rob Dima (Medical Radiation Representative)